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Compare Electricity and Natural Gas Plans in Illinois and Save

In Illinois, utility companies used to be the only option for energy users — the utility controlled delivery, pricing, and maintenance. Today, you can choose the best Illinois energy supplier for you. That means it's easy to compare electricity, natural gas, and renewable electric plans near you and select the best rate and plan for your needs.

Featured Constellation Rates in Illinois

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18 Month Power Plan

Rate per kWh:
Plan Length:
18 mo.
Special Offer:
$50 Gift Card
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18 Month Power Plan

Rate per kWh


Plan Length

18 mo.

Special Offer

$50 Gift Card

Get price protection and budget certainty from unexpected rate changes for 18 months securing today's prices into the future.

Your selected plan will include:
  • Monthly Service Fee: None
  • Early Cancellation Fee: None
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Constellation electricity Rates in Illinois


Ameren electricity Plans

Constellation rates available for Ameren electricity customers.

Plan NameLengthRateSpecial Offer
18 Month Power Plan18 mo.10.49¢$50 Gift CardGet Offer
12 Month Power Plan12 mo.10.69¢$50 Gift CardGet Offer

Constellation natural gas Rates in Illinois


Nicor Gas natural gas Plans

Constellation rates available for Nicor Gas natural gas customers.

Plan NameLengthRateSpecial Offer
18 Month Natural Gas Plan18 mo.49.90¢$25 Gift CardGet Offer
12 Month Natural Gas Plan12 mo.54.90¢$25 Gift CardGet Offer

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Why Choose Constellation as Your Illinois Energy Supplier?

  • Hassle-Free Switching
    Our process is virtually hassle-free and there will be no interruptions to your service.
  • Quick and Easy Signup
    Our signup process is simple and can be completed in minutes.
  • Fixed-Rate Plans
    We offer great fixed-rate plans with no hidden fees designed to fit your life and budget.
  • Exceptional Customer Service
    Our customer service team will respond promptly and personally and help you with any questions.
Constellation provides excellent Home Services

Constellation Smart Home Security in Illinois

Constellation Connect is an innovative and easy to use home automation and security system. Connect makes it simple to automate your home and make it more energy efficient. It works seamlessly with hundreds of smart home devices like Honeywell thermostats, Amazon Echo, cameras, and more. It can all be controlled through the convenient Constellation Connect App.

Learn About Smart Home Security

Switching Illinois Energy Providers

Utility companies used to be the only option for energy users in Illinois. Today, with energy choice, you can choose the Illinois energy supplier that meets your criteria for rate and plan terms.

What Does Energy Choice Mean?

Retail energy companies in Illinois compete for your business, which can result in reduced energy costs, better customer service, more innovative energy solutions, and energy plans that fit your budget. For example, Constellation offers natural gas and electricity plans to Illinois residents with:

  • no sign-up fees
  • exceptional customer service
  • a variety of fixed-rate electric and natural gas plans

Understanding Illinois Energy Suppliers vs. Utility Companies

Utility companies deliver natural gas and electricity to your home. They are responsible for owning and maintaining the systems (pipelines and power lines) used to deliver energy to your home.

What is an Energy Supplier?

Energy suppliers let you pick and set the rate you pay for energy. The right to choose among Illinois natural gas suppliers and electricity suppliers gives you more control over your budget by providing you with more home energy options (for example, choosing a renewable electric plan). Illinois energy suppliers can also offer fixed-rate plans, so you know what energy rate you’ll be paying every month.

As your Illinois energy supplier, we don’t deliver electricity and natural gas to your home (that’s the utility), but we do provide the commodity, and set your rate and contract term. Illinois natural gas suppliers and electricity suppliers can also provide you with customized plans, competitive rates, and exceptional customer service!

Promoting Sustainability Through Sports in Illinois

As the preferred energy choice of the Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Bulls, Constellation has been the official energy provider of the Chicago United Center since 2011. We believe in helping home-team fans save energy each season by hosting Go Green Games, and supporting Illinois energy users by donating Green-e Energy Certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) at every Go Green Game. Constellation is proud to power the United Center and the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks practice facilities.

Constellation Energy

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